Monthly Archives: February 2012

Motion Plus Design

A video promotion for a proposed Motion Design exhibition venue in Paris, France.


Kinetic Typography: Ira Glass

Portfolio Design Ideas

These are mainly web based portfolio websites, but there are a few good tips here and some good ideas


Here are some interesting graphics design portfolios. Get creative with your portfolios.

Expressive words animation exercise

Explore the expressive characteristics of one word by manipulating and exploring its characteristics through animation.


  1. pick a word that has a quality you are interested in and that can be animated.
  2. layout the word in an appropriate typeface.
  3. using the animation window, make keyframes to move the text around the screen.
  4. keep experimenting with the tools.
  5. once you are satisfied, export a version.
  6. save as a Quicktime file.
  7. hand in.