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Quiz Notes

Art 41 quiz

Below are the notes I made during class to prep for the quiz.


a digital image is a made up of numbers representing images.

Raster and vector images.

  • Raster images are made up of pixels
  • Vector images are made up of math equations

What is a pixel?

  • A pixel is a dot of color made up of Red Green and Blue.

Resolution is the number of pixels in a file.

  • X and Y dimensions
  • DPI (PPI) density of the pixels.

When you make a new file in PS, your first choice is decide on the total resolution of the image.

What resolution would you use for screen based based projects.

  • 72 PPI

What is the minimum resolution you would use for a print based project.

  • 300 PPI

How do load an image into Photoshop?

  • right click => open with “PS”
  • file=> open
  • file=>place
  • drag an image onto the PS icon
  • use Adobe Bridge

What is the difference between the lasso tool and the magic lasso tool.

  • the magic lasso tool detects the contrast of pixels and the lasso tool makes freehand selections.

What does the marquee tool do?

  • the marquee tool makes rectangular and elliptical selections.

What is the difference between the magic wand tool and the quick selection tool.

  • The magic wand tool selects pixels of a similar value.
  • The quick selection tool allows you to paint or directly select the areas you want to include.

Describe the crop tool

  • The crop tool allows you to keep the areas of an image you want and discard the rest resulting in a smaller image.

How do you describe an RGB color?

  • with 3 numbers between 0-255 that represent specific color combinations.

What is the function of a layer?

  • a layer is a way to organize, manage and manipulate multiple images within a document.

Name 3 different image filetypes.
JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop(.psd), PNG, GIF, RAW

What is a keyframe?

  • a specific point in a timeline that records information.
  • a keyframe is used to store information about a layer over time.
  • a keyframe initiates action in an animation.

what is an integer?

  • an integer is a whole number

what is a float?

  • a float is a number expressed in decimals

What is the burn tool?
it darkens portions of the image.

How do you add text to a Photoshop document?

  • select the type tool then click where you want the text to appear.


In Class Exercise: Coordinate Systems and Shapes

Tonight in class we covered drawing with code in Processing. We looked at how to use basic shapes to make complex images. This tutorial steps through the basics of drawing in Processing.

Coordinate Systems and Shapes

Quiz next Wednesday March 28th

We are going to have a little quiz next Wednesday. We will review for the quiz on Monday.

The quiz will cover areas we have gone over in class relating to concepts and tools in

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Processing

This quiz will be worth 5 points.







Click here to download Processing!