Quiz Notes

Art 41 quiz

Below are the notes I made during class to prep for the quiz.


a digital image is a made up of numbers representing images.

Raster and vector images.

  • Raster images are made up of pixels
  • Vector images are made up of math equations

What is a pixel?

  • A pixel is a dot of color made up of Red Green and Blue.

Resolution is the number of pixels in a file.

  • X and Y dimensions
  • DPI (PPI) density of the pixels.

When you make a new file in PS, your first choice is decide on the total resolution of the image.

What resolution would you use for screen based based projects.

  • 72 PPI

What is the minimum resolution you would use for a print based project.

  • 300 PPI

How do load an image into Photoshop?

  • right click => open with “PS”
  • file=> open
  • file=>place
  • drag an image onto the PS icon
  • use Adobe Bridge

What is the difference between the lasso tool and the magic lasso tool.

  • the magic lasso tool detects the contrast of pixels and the lasso tool makes freehand selections.

What does the marquee tool do?

  • the marquee tool makes rectangular and elliptical selections.

What is the difference between the magic wand tool and the quick selection tool.

  • The magic wand tool selects pixels of a similar value.
  • The quick selection tool allows you to paint or directly select the areas you want to include.

Describe the crop tool

  • The crop tool allows you to keep the areas of an image you want and discard the rest resulting in a smaller image.

How do you describe an RGB color?

  • with 3 numbers between 0-255 that represent specific color combinations.

What is the function of a layer?

  • a layer is a way to organize, manage and manipulate multiple images within a document.

Name 3 different image filetypes.
JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop(.psd), PNG, GIF, RAW

What is a keyframe?

  • a specific point in a timeline that records information.
  • a keyframe is used to store information about a layer over time.
  • a keyframe initiates action in an animation.

what is an integer?

  • an integer is a whole number

what is a float?

  • a float is a number expressed in decimals

What is the burn tool?
it darkens portions of the image.

How do you add text to a Photoshop document?

  • select the type tool then click where you want the text to appear.

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