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InDesign Tips for Project 3

Whenever you place an image in InDesign it creates a link to the file. The file is not included as part of the InDesign document. This can get confusing because it creates a proxy or temporary image to represent the link. If you move the files you placed in InDesign it will break the link resulting in errors and loss in quality. When the link breaks, all that InDesign can do is use the proxy image. There are ways to avoid this from happening and here are a few tips we covered in class.

  • organize all your material for Project 3
  • copy material you will be using in a new Project 3 folder
  • save your InDesign project into your Project 3 folder
  • place your images and files from this new location and don’t move them around
  • save your work

Display performance in InDesign

when working in InDesign, you will notice that your images may appear pixelated. This has to do with display performance. In order to work quickly the program uses the low quality proxy images in your layout. To preview your work at the highest quality you can change your display performance in the view menu. Go to the view menu and select Display Performance, then select “High Quality Display” the key command is control+option+command+H. It’s probably best to leave it at Typical Display, but you may want to switch back and forth. Another option is to use the Presentation view which shows your work in the highest resolution fullscreen. The key command for presentation mode is Shift+W


Understanding Comics

Read the first two chapters of Understanding Comics by next class.

Art & Copy documentary

Today we will watch the first half of the Art & Copy documentary. This documentary gives an insider view of how the creative side of the advertising business works.

Quiz on 4-25

We will be having a quiz this Thursday at the end of class. Today in class we will do a review of what we have covered in Photoshop.