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Rendering Video in Photoshop

This is a quick tutorial for exporting video from Photoshop. Read below for screenshots and additional information.

To render your videos in Photoshop, go to File=>Export=>Render Video

Here you will see the dialogue box below.

Location: Where to save your file

File Options: What you are saving your file as

Range: How much of your timeline you want to export

Render Options: Alpha Channel and Frame Rate


In File Options, select QuickTime Export and in the pulldown box select QuickTime Movie

Next press settings, where you will see this dialogue box


Deselect Audio and Prepare for Internet Streaming, then go into settings where you will see this dialogue box. In this case it is setup for the Animation compressor.


and in this image below it is setup for the H.264 setting at a high quality and low compression.


be sure to check the size in the Movie Settings dialogue box just in case, set it to your canvas size.


When you have everything set click Render and you’re done.