Art 41 Project 1

Project Due: 3/7

Illustrated Quote

Project Description: Understanding how to deliver  a message or idea is a powerful skill for designers and artists. For this project you will pick a quote that inspires you and create a resolved design through the effective use of typography and digital illustration. The goal is to present an idea that inspires you in a creative way and inspire others in return.

Project Specifications:
11 x 17 inches
Illustrator file (rasterized elements need to be 300DPI)
Any imagery you use must be authorized as public domain or using the applicable license.

Hand in requirments:
Digital files delivered to hand in folder.
file name must be “studentname_class_projectnumber.ai
for instance “morganb_41_project1.ai”
Files named incorrectly will be marked down.
All delivered files must be contained in a folder prior to hand in.


  • Illustrator File .ai
  • PDF file .pdf

Project will be assessed along the following criteria

  • understanding of tools and techniques related to the project.
  • successful realisation of the artistic concept.
  • creativity in the use of digital tools to create a unified artwork.


40 memorable design quotes

Quote Typography


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