Art 41 Project 2

Imaginary Landscape / Mythological Creature

Due date: 4/18

Project Description:

In this project we will be making a digital collage using images created by scanning, photographing or using open source images. A collage is the construction of a new image from several image sources. It is an opportunity to experiment with tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop while at the same time working with ideas related to composition, scale, visual rhythm and color. Create an imaginary landscape or mythological creature using digital collage technique. All images must be in the public domain or usable under a creative commons license. You must use a minimum of 5 images.

Project Specifications:

1920 x 1080 pixels

300 DPI.

Hand in requirments:

Digital files delivered to hand in folder.
file name must be “studentname_class_projectnumber.ps
for instance “morganb_41_project1.ps”
Files named incorrectly will be marked down.
All delivered files must be contained in a folder prior to hand in.

Files for hand in:

  • Photoshop file .psd
  • jpeg file .jpeg
  • List of images used .txt, .doc

Project will be assessed along the following criteria

  • understanding of tools and techniques related to the project.
  • successful realisation of the artistic concept.
  • creativity in the use of digital tools to create a unified artwork.


Wikimedia Commons

List of legendary creatures

Creatures from greek mythology

Jesse Treece: Collage artist

Ann Mitchell: Razor’s Edge


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