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Digital Foundations Chapter 5+6

I will be showing the exercise from Chapter 6 in class today, but our lab time today  will be focused on Project 1. This exercise does not need to be handed in, but you can use it as a reference for adding illustration elements to to your project.

Ch 6: Line Art and Flat Graphics

We will also go over this next week, but I thought I would include it as you are working with color in your compositions.


Ch 5: Color Theory and Basic Shapes


In Class Exercise: Typographic name

Today we will do a short exercise using type to describe yourself.

  • Pick an adjective starting with the first letter of your name that describes an aspect of yourself.
  • Use Illustrator to layout the type in a way that matches the adjective you have chosen.
  • Do no use an overly expressive type face. Stick to the standards such as Helvetica, Garamond, and Times New Roman for instance.
  • The idea is to arrange the type in an expressive manner.

Hilman Curtis Documentaries

These are  two short documentaries by Hilman Curtis about graphic designer Paula Scher and another about David Carson.