Art 41 Project 3


Critique / Presentation: June 4th

20 points

Project Description:
In this project you will be collecting your work into a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of items for review. In this case, your portfolio will consist of work you have created in this class as well as other work you would like to include from other classes. Projects, exercises and experiments can be included in the portfolio. Include a brief description of the project/exercise to put the work in context. Part of the challenge is to come up with a way to display your work in a clear and professional manner while striving to put your creativity in the foreground.

Project Specifications:
At least 6 pages designed using inDesign.
First page should be a cover page with contact information.
Use master pages to layout templates for your pages.

suggested size 1280 x 800 pixels, landscape
use the web preset in inDesign

Hand in requirements:
All work must be handed in to the hand in drive on the k127 server by . no exceptions, no emailing of Project 3.

inDesign Package file

PDF file


Project will be assessed along the following criteria

  • understanding of tools and techniques related to the project.
  • effective solutions for presenting your work.
  • ability to solve problems using tools and techniques related to the class.


*many of these links are for web portfolios, but offer good examples for strategies to design your pdf portfolio.

dexinger.com – portfolio database

smashing  magazine – 50 portfolio designs


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